How To Make Dead Sea Mud & Salt Soap:
The Ultimate Guide

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How To Make Dead Sea Mud & Salt Soap: The Ultimate Guide

Want to learn to make handmade salt soap bars, just like the ones found in high class spas? This handmade hot process soap recipe takes your through the steps to make your homemade natural soap a dead sea salt experience!

I’ve been busy creating recipes for my latest hot process soap recipe eBook, and I haven’t been sharing them on the blog….because they’re for the book! BUT, after I made this salt, clay, and pumice soap, I just couldn’t wait to share it.

It’s so simple, with only four oils….but it delivers a wonderful lather, cleansing and exfoliation, all while being incredibly conditioning for the skin. The essential oils also have anti-bacterial properties and are super refreshing! What more could you ask for in a natural, handmade sea salt soap recipe?

OK, now salt soaps can be a little tricky, and if you don’t have the oils right, they tend to sweat too much or be too crumbly. This soap does “sweat” (give off extra moisture) for a few days, but it calms right down. It hardens SUPER fast, too. I’ve shared more about sweating soaps below, in case you experience this phenomenon.

I used it in the shower right away (literally the same night as the day I made it), but if you are selling or giving it away as gifts, you’ll probably want to wait a few more days for total dryness.

Are you wondering why you should use salt and clay in your handmade soaps?

I know I wondered about this. It turns out the minerals in natural salts are incredible for your skin. They nourish, moisturize, and help exfoliate. What a dream!

And the green clay? It gives the soap an incredible “slip,” making it feel fabulous on your skin. It also helps purify and tighten your skin.

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Dead Sea Mud & Salt Hot Process Soap Recipe (Gotta Love That Handmade Natural Soap!)

This soap is a lovely light green color, which is perfect for the sea theme, I think. You can certainly use a different color clay, though, if you’d prefer a different color. Brazilian purple clay, or maybe a Red Moroccan Clay would also be nice.

I used finely ground sea salt and just a hint of pumice for extra exfoliating power!

OK! Now on the to soap recipe!

Ingredients for Dead Sea Mud & Salt Soap:

The Oils:

** 8 ounces Coconut Oil
** 16 ounces Olive Oil (I buy both the coconut oil and olive oil, organic, from Costco)
** 6 ounces Shea Butter
** 2 ounces Castor Oil (I get mine from good health food stores or drug stores)

The Lye Solution:

** 12.16 ounces filtered water
** 4.42 ounces sodium hydroxide (lye)

The Fragrance Blend (Essential Oils):

** 0.5 ounces Tea Tree essential oil
** 1 ounce Lavender essential oil
** 0.5 ounce Patchouli essential oil

Now on to the steps in the recipe:

STEP 1) Measure out your oils

Using a large crock pot set to LOW, add your oils. Your coconut oil and shea butter needs to be completely melted, so I do this part first. Add your French Green clay to the crock pot too.

STEP 2) Measure out your lye solution

STEP 3) Add the lye solution to the oil mixture & bring to trace using a hand blender.

STEP 4) Cook until finished! (See the tutorial(s) for all the detailed directions please)

STEP 5) Add the salt, pumice, & essential oils

Stir these in REALLY well. Your soap will get a little harder at this point. That’s ok. You do need everything stirred up completely.

STEP 6) Place the hot soap in your soap mold.

Press this soap down WELL. It’s easy to get little air pockets in salt soap with the hot process method. You don’t want that.

STEP 7) Cool completely

STEP 8) Remove from the mold, cut, and enjoy!